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ken caminiti - dead

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41 years old.


I hate to be thinking thoughts about the possibility that steroid use had something to do with it, but then I think about other guys like Lyle Alzado, and we may continue to see more and more relatively young athletes meeting an early end.


RIP Ken.


[EDIT: Ah, I hadn't realized he'd just tested positive for cocaine use, violating a previous coke bust. That'll do sme wear and tear on the heart. Ah well.]


- Jeff

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Caminiti was a fantastic 3rd baseman who played real hard nosed baseball. Problem is he got into drug and steroid use. That's what, in effect, killed him at age 41.

He did have a self destructive personality. That came from his own lips in an interview I saw of him and he was remarking how his wife felt about his abuses.


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He was also an admitted steroid user. In fact, it was only a year or two ago that he said publicly that 50% or more of baseball players used steroids, and he admitted using them during his '96 MVP season. Both he and Jose Canseco were on the outs with other players because of their tell-alls. Sad news.
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