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New Baby in the house

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Thanks Ted, however I haven't much time to put it through many paces yet. The ethernet connection is really cool, as is the lightpipe. I bought it used (and cheap) in immaculate condition from my bandmate who just bought a Mackie recording rig. I'm in the market for a digital mixer now after I've seen what his does. It took me long enough to enter the digital world, but I'm pretty frugal with my purchases. Looks like this one will serve me well for many years. My last recorder bought was a Tascam 238, and I got it in 1990. I still have a busted 38 and the still working great 238, but I'm sure it'll see very little use now that I've got this behemoth. Hoping to hook up with fellow users in my area to lessen the learning curve, although the manual seems to be pretty straight forward.

Wondering what software folks use with this unit?

Down like a dollar comin up against a yen, doin pretty good for the shape I'm in
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