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So, I had my ex ingested last night

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Yeah Dean... I read your thread, and I really feel for you... I just couldn't think of any response or suggestions that someone else hadn't already said better than I could have. But anyway, I just wanted to say I'm sorry to hear you're going through all of that. Good luck with your situation and hang in there. :wave:
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0ur 1l0we$t $0ft.wares


f.r.e.e. C1AL1S when y0u buy Winnd0ws XP!!


h3y pinndiick, gett h.u.ng liike a h0r$e


blast th0se mammar1es `int0 th3 strrAt0sphere!!


(i just deleted all my spam, so i'm out of ideas :( )

Dr. Seuss: The Original White Rapper



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