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I am somewhat interested in a potential landscape career because it is creative design but it's active and I'm not sitting on my ass. I do not want to do landscape design, but the actual installation. I am curious of:


- the average salary (I'm sure it varies per region, I'm in Midwest)

- hours put in per week

- hiring (by company or contactor, etc)

- typical/atypical job duties

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My son, Derek, did that for awhile. The wage for a worker bee isn't that high. He did a lot of mowing, shrub trimming, digging, putting in paver stones, planting, sodding, edging, fertilizing. Generally, it's pretty physical work, you're either digging, moving rocks, or pushing a mower. Good way for a young guy to stay in shape and get some extra cash...but not a career, unless you own the company. If you want to work toward that...get yourself a small dump truck, a flatbed trailer, some zero-turn radius mowers. A bobcat is also nice. In other words...plan on spending money on equipment.


In the winter, plan on doing snow removal. This means you could get called at 8pm and work all night, getting parking lots ready for the next day's business and such.

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I had been a landscaper, doing design and acting as crew chief for installations. It is pretty good money, for a summer job out of college. It is nice being creative and active in your work. But the reason I stopped was beacause I broke my knee working. If you've never done this type of physical labor, you may be in for a suprise. Pushing 400 lb. barrows of spacer fill and stone uphill is alot harder than it looks. I worked in pennsylvania and Kona Hawaii. Haweaii sucks for 'scapers, cuz you're out on the lava fields all day.
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I did it for two years during high school too, but note what the guys above said. You might also flag Erik (CMDN) on the "For the Band" forum, I believe he's doing landscaping right now too.

EDIT wanted to mention, while it doesn't pay really well, it'll soon be one of the few jobs in the US that can't be shipped off to India! :(:mad: Plus, its one of the few jobs that you can step back and see that you've made a part of the world a better place, that's becoming increasingly rare too.


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I was a landscaper for many years. It is hard,demanding labor and does not pay well. If you can get with a decent company and get into a supervisory position or can afford to put together some equipment and run your own operation you can make a living. But it takes a while.


It can be rewarding work, but it's not easy.



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