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On the sound of Zildian Ks


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I'm a 71 y/o sax/keys player.  Throughout my years playing, drummers talked about Ks, though could never explain why.  I was happy to run across this (new to me) YT video of a drummer trying out a selection of Ks.  I sent the link to a longtime drummer/friend and told I thought maybe one had to hear them to know.  His response:



"Absolutely right Brad, one has to hear the cymbals to appreciate and their application, in this instance jazz playing. Notice how easy it is to get a “crash” effect with control over decay of the crash, then right back into keeping time. Also, the K’s have a great stick sound to them without building in volume."


I wouldn't have thought 17 minutes of someone playing cymbals would hold my interest, but I was fascinated by it.



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One year while at Gearfest I decided to search out the perfect ride, the one I could hear in my mind. Every major manufacturer was there with booths full of cymbals. I tried every ride by every cymbal manufacturer and finally found what I wanted in the Sabian booth. They had a huge setup and were demonstrating how they hand make cymbals. Turns out the cymbal I picked was a custom one of a kind. I was afraid it would put it out of my financial reach but they sold it to me for a good price. That episode taught me the value of trying out lots of cymbals in person.


On the other hand I bought a Zildjain 21” custom A ride without trying it in person. It is not what I wanr in a ride. Too dark with lots of sustain. It is a nice contrast to the Sabian.

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Long ago, I bought a set of Zildjian K hi hats at a pawn shop for $70. Great cymbals but I wasn't really a drummer. 

At that point I also owned a 5 piece Sonor set with a 24" kick and a huge floor tom, covered in red rosewood veneer. 

I tried to play drums for a while and eventually just went back to guitar. I have no idea where any of that gear is now. 

It took a chunk of my life to get here and I am still not sure where "here" is.
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