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Memphis - Beale Street Saturday Night

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Ratsy & I juzt got back in from a stroll down Beale Street diggin some cool live music of all kinds, beers and marguaritas.


Graceland tomorrow, more Beale Street & Memphis BBQ (pulled pork of course!)


A nice touch for the proclaimed 50th anniversary of Rock'n'Roll. Glad we were here...


A trip to the National Civil Rights Museum is also in order since this spot is a milestone for the movement, respectfully. :(


Lot's of cool stuff to do here it looks like !


Long Live Rock'n'Roll :idea:

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Hi LanceMo - I was thinking about how you were making out in Austin. This place reminds me of 6th street in a way - in it's heyday. Gotta get some fine southern style BBQ today.


Sun Studios ! Good idea Hippie, it's a little further down Union - we're at the corner of Union & 2nd, about 2 blocks from Beale St. I expect to drive by Sun later today or tomorrow and take the tour.


This looks like a happenin place so far...music, music, music, music classes, more music, BBQ, a little more music, historical mucis sites, and more music...hehe :wave:

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Originally posted by Ani:

Not to sound dumb, but the name Beale Street... does it have a story behind it's name? Just curious as it is a prominent name in my family geneology.

Well - I'm just passin thru here myself...but I am sleeping in a Holiday Inn tonight (really!) so let me flip thru some of my new Memphis books and see if they mention anything...


In the meantime here's the Beale Street street cam - If I find anything good I'll run over to the camera and show ya !


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I'd love to get back there. When I was there in the 70's Beale Street was a ghost town and they were just planning the restoration. It was sort of like being at an archeological site. You could still feel the history in a way though.

Mac Bowne

G-Clef Acoustics Ltd.

Osaka, Japan

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I just bought a house in Southaven Mississippi, which is just across the state line from Memphis. I'll be moving down there in the next couple of months from the Cleveland Ohio area. From my front door to Beale street is about a 15 minute drive, so I'm looking forward to it! :thu:
- Calfee Jones
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Hey Kylen


Head 20 miles South of Memphis and you can stay in Bally's Casino for about $29 per night w/ a buffet thrown in as well.


That's my Hot Tip.

Be sure to ride a river boat on the Mississippi.


I swear they put a little something extra in their beer on Beale ???


Have fun.




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Thanks for the cool Beale Street tips you guys - Ratsy and I are going to come back for another visit - there's just too much to see and do in the time we had. Good luck in Memphis Calfee - I will take that Mississippi Riverboat ride someday russrags - Beale is way cool now gtrmac, you'd like it a lot now !


We had a great time at Sun Studios - it's a fun tour and I got lots of cool pics. The tour guide said he never saw anybody lay on the floor and take a picture of the ceiling before - my wife was a little curious about why I did that too - "Acoustics" I replied. Sun has a very special room shape - I was surprised myself. Ratsy stood where Elvis stood - back to the corner of the studio next to the control room, "X"'d out on the floor further in the room are spots where Bill Black and Scotty Moore stood when they recorded 'That's Alright Mama' in 1954.


We're in Oklahoma City right now and plan to pay our respects at the National Memorial here tomorrow.


Maybe we'll make Albuquerque Arizona tomorrow night - who knows !

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