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help! did I ruin my cymbals?


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I was cleaning some hihats I got today that were pretty scuffed up, nothing serious just stick marks and fingerprints etc.. I used a bit of gentle dish soap and water and a microfiber cloth. I poured some of the dish soap onto the cymbals and as I was cleaning the bottom one it seems that the soap stayed on too long on the top one.. and now it has marks where the soap was and they haven't come out no matter how much I scrubbed and applied water/more soap. Did I mess up the look of this cymbal for good? Is there anything I can do to get rid of these marks? I'd appreciate any help!!



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Which liquid soap did you use? scented?


Looks like the soap was concentrated and therefore stronger reaction with the copper. Basically anything which is acidic will do this. You are embarked into some basic alchemy. Check the metal composition of your cymbals if not standard alloy. 


You might be able to attenuate the "discoloration" by giving them a bath in the same soapy solution. Leave them in for 10 minutes or so...



Haven't had cymbals in a while but I see no reason they are ruined hopefully and can be fixed...




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Chose gear for the sound and the purpose, not the appearance. Worrying about the appearance of something you hit with sticks has no benefit. 


Long ago, I saw Rory Gallagher open for Fleetwood Mac and Deep Purple. He had a beat up old Fender amp up on a folding chair and a Strat that had a couple of small places that still had finish on them - the rest of the guitar body was greasy gray wood with all manner of dings and scratches everywhere. Possibly the ugliest guitar I've ever seen. 

Rory ate their lunch with that ugly guitar, as good as Ritchie Blackmore was he was not in the same league. 


Minor discoloration on a cymbal is a nothing burger. 

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