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OT - Cool non-bridge

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Originally posted by LiveMusic:

I think this is between Sweden and Denmark. Wherever that is. A unique way to build a non-bridge.


Scroll a little, Picture is near the top of page .

Yes, it's Malmö-Copenhagen bridge+tunnel.

There's also railways below the motorways.


Lots of traffic there, many people live in one country and work in the other, cool commute!


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Originally posted by guitar geezer:

THe bridge going from Norfolk/ VA Beach over to the Hamptons is similar (but not quite as scenic - tooo many battleships in the way) ;)

Do hurricanes get that far north? Doesn't look like the smartest design for hurricane country...


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Originally posted by Tedster:

You betcha they do, Botch. Just last summer the area was hit by Isabel.

Yep Ted, the HRBT and the Chesapeake Bay BT do the same thing, 'ceptin' fer the HRBT has one tunnel and the Chesapeake has two. Plus the Chesapeake is 'way longer (13 miles, I think, and a toll bridge.


No second level, tho, with train tracks or anything else.


Isabel was my first hurricane here, and it whacked the OBX a lot harder than us. But neither BT had any issues.


The downtown tunnel in Norfolk was another matter. ;) (Under water for two days).

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