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Equipment rental

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Geezer's Rock :D Next August I'm going to my 40th high school reunion in the Phila. area. The "garage band", that was popular in our class, is going to do a performance, and I was kind of invited to do a few numbers with them. I played with them at our senior picnic, which was my only claim to peer respect in my nerdy high school life :( But I digress... I don't want to lug my amp with me from Los Angeles, and don't know if it would survive the trip anyway. So what's an aging rock star want-ta-be to do? Are there places that rent amps? :confused:
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Most metropolitan areas will have a music store that rents amps. Are you looking to rent one when you get there or bring a rented one from here?

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Your best bet would be to contact a cartage company.


Primarily, cartage involves two services for musicians.


  1. Store musicians' gear
  2. Provide rental gear for rehearsals or performance.

Many also provide rehearsal studios (that encourage rentals. ;) ) Some provide other services as well, such as sound, lighting or staging products and services.


It's not uncommon for a medium to large, multi-act gig to have full backline on hand from a cartage company. This ensures everyone has decent gear, replacements are available in a crunch, and when things like Hammond B3's or acoustic pianos are needed, they don't have to be lugged around by each band or artist on the show. Plus, many times they'll simply plug in a bunch of amps on stage, provide a single drumset, etc. allowing one mic setup for quick and relatively easy changeovers from one band to the next.


So look under cartage in the yellow pages. ;)

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