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I wonder which studio this is? There are dozens in that neighborhood. Glad to see no one was hurt.


Hip-Hop Group Escapes Burning Recording Studio


Black Eyed Peas Inside Working On Next Album


POSTED: 6:03 am PDT August 11, 2004

UPDATED: 8:47 am PDT August 11, 2004


LOS ANGELES -- A non-injury fire broke out at a Burbank recording studio Wedneday, destroying musical equipment and furniture in the space where the hip-hop group The Black Eyed Peas was working on its next album, authorities said.


Burbank police Lt. John Dilibert said the fire began at about 3:15 a.m. when "someone sitting on the couch probably left a cigarette behind" in the studio, located at 621 S. Glenwood Ave.


"It was a simple couch fire that ended up a whole lot better than it could have been," Dilibert said. "It just kind of smoldered itself out. Everyone got out."


- Jeff

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Originally posted by FoxTick:

cigarette....right :P


I like the Black Eyed Peas, glad to hear they're making another album :thu:

Heheh... my thoughts exactly! ;)


Yeah, BEP recorded some of their vocals on "Elephunk" at Glenwood Studio, so it's not surprising that they're back there again.


Careful with those left-handed cigarettes, guys. :cool:

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