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Some really kickin' blues...

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I started a thread once a few years back, bitching about how miserable experience I had at a live show. In the interests of equal time:


I went to 'Bluesmore' tonight (an annual blues concert done in the front yard of the Brucemore Mansion in Cedar Rapids). It was really awesome.


There were several bands, but the ones who really stood out:

Jessie and the Raindogs

Joe Bonamassa


Jessie has recently won a Billboard award for songwriting. She really puts gut feelings into her songs. Some serious blues! I talked to her a bit when she signed my CD.


Joe B. & his 3-piece band do incredible blues/rock - His set tonight started with a couple of Hendrix covers from Axis Bold as Love, and ended with an extended encore that was a note-perfect rendition of a Yes tune. The middle was packed with lots of excellent originals.


Sorry I'm spamming for these people... But I wanted to share -- I see so little excellence in live music that I get pretty enthusiastic when I encounter some... And the kicker: tickets were $11

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Haven't heard Jessie and the Raindogs. I actually met Joe Bonamossa a couple of years ago before his show at the Grand Emporium here in KC. We happened to walk in a little early, no one in the bar, but Joe and his band...Joe was just sitting around with a Les Paul on his lap, tuning it and fiddling about...and we just sorta introduced ourselves. The whole band seemed to be pretty amenable sorts.
"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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