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any skydivers out there?

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Did about a dozen jumps in college . . . long enough ago that only the "pro's" jumped ram-air canopies. The rest of us jumped military surplus round canopies (T10's or 12's, I believe).


Great sport, but pricey. Wreaks havoc on your insurability as well (although I personally thinks it's relatively safe).


Almost universally great people to hang with too. :thu:


"Fame is like death: We will never know what it looks like until we've reached the other side. Then it will be impossible to describe and no one will believe you if you try."

- Sloane Crosley, Village Voice

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My sitution is the same a dadyelmis's.


I jumped about a dozen or so times while in college. Havent particpated since then ( many moons ago). I also jumed with a military canopy versus a high performance chute.


What amazed me was the fact that , as soon as you exit the noisy plane, there is total silence 'cept for the wind through your helmet. It was awesome.


I observed two general categories of jumpers. Novelty jumpers who do it once or twice for he experience and folks who are addicted, jump at every chance and have hundreds of jumps under their belt.


I'll say this- I consider it to be a safre activity than hang gliding. You have a backup chute (I had to use mine once) and chutes are more stable than gliders.

Check out some tunes here:


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