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Generator for festival practice

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Hey all, My band has signed up for a festival out in the Alaskan Wilderness. Big event, stage will have power, but it's an entire weekend and we usually like to warmup and jam a bit between sets at our camp site. I'm the only electric guy in the group. Last year we had a big van with a built-in generator, but I'm not sure that's going to be there this year. I just need to power my Crumar Mojo, Behringer PolyD, and a practice amp (50W). Any suggestions?

Puck Funk! :)


Equipment: Laptop running lots of nerdy software, some keyboards, noise makersâ¦yada yada yadaâ¦maybe a cat?

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Not sure of your budget, but I played a 4 hour trio gig off of a portable battery pack (keys, vocals, acoustic guitar), and the darn thing had 70% or so left after the gig.  Sort of big, heavy and expensive for your situation though.

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Hire a mobile battery pack with a conditioned output.  A small mobile generator without a conditioned output will likely have a very questionable voltage waveform, OK to power lights and site building equipment but not anything with electronics.

The image below shows a home pack that is available.




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