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Connecting Plants to Synthesizers and Creating Sounds/Music

Jon Levy

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I don't know if this topic has already been covered on this forum, but I found this article pretty interesting -- it explores how some folks are connect plants to synthesizers to create new sounds/music: https://www.theverge.com/22922189/plant-music-sythesizers


I'm a guitarist, not really a keyboard player, so I'm definitely at elevated risk for losing my keyboard gig to a plant!

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I bought this CD a while back - quite relaxing and surprisingly tonal from what I recall.




"Generating melodic material through the micro-changes of surface-electric potential on leaves, Mamoru Fujieda's second Tzadik release was composed completely based on data taken from plants. Combining alternative tuning systems (just intonation, Pythagorean) with traditional instruments of China and Japan (sho, koto and the ancient 25-stringed zither, the hitsu), Fujieda has again created a world of sound never before imagined possible."


Fujieda later arranged plant music for piano


"Working with the “Plantron,” a device created by botanist and artist Yūji Dōgane, the composer measured electrical fluctuations on the surface of the leaves of plants, and converted the data thus obtained into sound using the Max programming system. "





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