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Good "beach" reading

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This is peripherally on-topic, because the plot revolves on the mysterious death of a (fictional) has-been rock star. ;) Oh yeah, and Pro Tools!


"Basket Case" by Carl Hiaasen. The story of the drowning death of James Stomarti, aka Jimmy Stoma of "Jimmy and the Slut Puppies," and the investigation thereof by Jack Tagger, Slut Puppies fan and down-and-out middle-aged obit reporter for a small-market Florida daily.


First of all, it's a good mystery-thriller that's also pretty funny. And it portrays a pretty accurate picture of the deplorable state of newspaper "journalism," especially in the small-to-medium chain dailies. You think Clearchannel has killed the entertainment value of radio? Knight-Ridder and their ilk have done far more damage to local communities by eviscerating the town's local "watchdog" in the name of cost-cutting and revenue-increasing.


Great cast of characters, and an unheroic but very likeable hero. And a project recorded with Pro Tools.

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I recently read a good book cover to cover called "Using Audition" by Ron Dabbs...all about using Adobe's Audition 1.5. It comes with a CD-Rom with some lots of extra goodies and reading material...Excellent book to increase your music editing skills working with Audition 1.5. It's like taking a college course designed just for AA1.5.


Not really for the beach, but great reading and reference material.

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Thanks for the tip!, I will look for it.


From the impression I get when reading your post, here are 2 other really good books that are (somewhat) of a similar genre:


Popcorn by Ben Elton


Blind Date by Jerzy Kosinski


I love to read but I don't do it as much as I'd like to.


BTW, have you read any books by Lee Childs?


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