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Heard this on the radio some time ago. Thought it was cute. It's supposed to be true...


A first grade teacher was helping a little boy in her class with putting on his snowboots. They seemed to be too tight. After struggling for 10 to 15 minutes, she finally got them on when the boy said,


"They're on the wrong feet."


So she took another 10 minutes wrestling them off and put them on the correct feet in another 15 minute struggle. After she was done, the little boy then said,


"These aren't my boots."


So the teacher wrestled them off again for another 10 minutes. When she was done, the boy told her,


"They're my brother's boots. My Mom made me wear them."


So then she struggled another 15 minutes getting them back on. After she finally managed to get the boots on again, she asked the boy where his mittens were. He told her,


"I put them in the toes of the boots!" :mad:


The DJ said her trial started in three weeks...



I started out with NOTHING...and I still have most of it left!
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