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Jupiter Xm and FA Series


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Great price for a mint condition Jupiter Xm here, but it came in a bad timing... I just bought a FA-06 :-(

GAS force is strong today LoL, I wonder if the Jupiter will make the FA completely obsolete (or at least redundant).

I like the idea of having a small gear like the Jupiter to be controlled by another synth and having the FA connected with external FX boxes.

Am I exaggerating here with the Roland waveform palette?

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Congratulations! I'm with you about playing modules and mini-key synths from a more approachable instrument. IMO, It works best with an 88- or 76-key instrument. 76 has some strong fans here, but that size A) demands added care and cartage, like big road cases and B) its somewhat for the super-serious who believe in playable splits and multiple zones. Blah blah blah, right?


You've taken up the Xm at a good time. Go here and check out Roland's new, free editor/librarian for it. As the Xm has such a compact form, this app will be very useful. Good luck!



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