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Oh My GOD II !

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is this like OMG THERE's A NEW VERSION OF OS X!!!!




I mean, software versions iterate. Get used to it.


What's different between this version and the last?

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Hmmmm I'll try and sum up a few bits here


64 Bit Processes- Developers now can take advantage of 64bit processes. This means appropriately compiled applications can now address up to an exabyte of memory. No more 2GB or 4GB limitations for memeory. The OSX kernel has now synced with BSD 5.x. More efficient multi processing systems should be the result.


Spotlight- This is Apple's new search tool. It indexes your hard drive and then uses the metadata in files(still unclear about "what" data) to quickly find your files. It also allows the use of Smart Folders. For those that use iTunes it's the same thing as Smart Playlists. Take a folder describe to attributes and it updates in realtime to any new applicable files.


Automater- this app records steps you make on your Mac so that you can save these steps to automate tedious functions. Rename downloaded photofiles from your digicam and burn a disc or whatever you can think up. No much is known but the UI looks pretty cool


iChat AV- now supports AVC codec. You can video conference with up to 3 people or audio conference with up to 10. OSX Server has an iChat Server now for internal networks.


Core Image/Video Core Image and Video are two systemwide API's that allow developers to utilize the processing powers of the GPU. Imaging or video tasks are offloaded to the GPU and processed using Image or Video Units. Yes just like Core Audio has Audio Units. This should allow more realtime functions in smaller apps. Whereas your CPU provided the grunt before now your GPU will stop loafing when you're not playing games and put in some work. This is cool.


There will be more features that weren't glossed over in the keynote but since developers are under NDA you won't hear much. I can definitely say though that these features don't sound sexy but in action they should change the way you utilize your computer.


Plus this setups a showdown in 2006/2007 for OSX 10.5 versus MS Longhorn.

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Do you understand the power of core graphics?

That means that you can apply the filters to your image, and still be able to modify, change, clear, replace any of them, without undo, this is the REAL TIME PHOTOSHOP!

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