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Anybody remember Fanny?


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You tube has a rather good video posted of Fanny's appearancew on Beat Club back in the 70's. For those who don't recall, tnhey were the first all girl band that got signed to a major label and recorded albums. Their recordings weren't "great", but they were good. Even they said and still say that they didn't approach what the band was about live. There are a couple of more recent interviews on You Tube as well. I think they are a perfect example a band that got caught in the machine and didn't come out as well as they should have, They had great four-part vocals, a really good keyboard player and bassist, a pretty good drummer and an good guitarist, which is to say she played really good rhythm guitar, and adequate lead.

I think this performance is much better than most of what I heard on their records. But they were a much better band than they were ever allowed to be.

Check 'em out.

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It is a long time ago and there may have been "cosmic forces" at play but I think I saw them play in Fresno back in the day.

Some of those memories sort of blur together.


Fresno got lots of great stuff from the Bay Area and Los Angeles, sometimes elsewhere. Concerts were stupid cheap back then, I remember seeing The Who on the Tommy Tour in Minneapolis for $3.50 and in Fresno just a couple years later I saw Rory Gallagher, Fleetwood Mac and Deep Purple for $7.50. Insane!


Yes, they were a good band. Possibly a bit ahead of their time gender and race-wise, even for the hippies. Sly and The Family Stone more or less broke all the barriers but they had better songs and stage ish than Fanny.


The music business is fleeting and fickle, on to the next.

It took a chunk of my life to get here and I am still not sure where "here" is.
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I remember SurferGirl bringing Fanny to our attention quite some time ago. They were a cool all-girl band that got signed and had two Billboard top 100 hits back in the 70's... :cool:


Hear they are doing Cream's Badge:




Take care, Larryz
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