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Midnight Rider Jon Ginty on B3

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Nice performance. CBS didn't give Jon much screen time, though! Just a few seconds after four minute mark. I know Allmans stuff is guitar-centric but there are some nice organ swells on the chorus of Midnight Rider that would've benefited from a camera switch to the organ player.
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It'll be interesting to see if this group develops enthusiasm for its original material. They could comfortably coast as the most genuine possible ABB tribute act. They are recording original tunes; I wonder how unified the band is in their commitment to pushing their new music.
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Jon's got a Korg SV instead of his Vintage Vibe piano -- maybe that's his regular setup in this band so he can cover acoustic piano parts?


When I saw them in December Jon had his VV piano and B3 on stage. Interesting enough (to me anyway), I didn't know Jon was touring with ABB, but whem I saw the setup on stage before they came on I knew it was going to be him.

He played "Ain't Wasting Time No More" on the VV.


It's scary how much Allman and Betts look like their fathers.


I know, right? Then add the correct hats and it's 1970 again.

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Geo blocked, would have enjoyed seeing this. Probably because CBS have bought our Channel 10 free to air network and want control all CBS content that is is seen in Aus. Money talks.

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