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Slightly OT. Chair Mats

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I'm moving my studio into a room that is already carpeted. We are renting so changing carpet for Laminate flooring or another alternative is not an option.

Just wondering if any of you use a chair mat that you have been happy with. I have used chair mats in the past but have always found it difficult to move around

in the chair due to indentations. My research is showing that polycarbonate mats are the most resistant to indentations.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions



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The plastics ones only last a bit before they look like crap. There are both wood and glass mats that are much better. We are moving, when I setup my office/studio in our new house it will be a wood or glass mat if the floor has carpet. My wife's changes to the rest of the house will take precedence to my office/studio...happy wife, happy life...


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I"ve used a bamboo chair mat from Staples for years. It"s over Berber carpet. I stared using one in the early 2000"s and I"ve only replaced it once when it started to splinter. If my current mat ever needs replacing, I"ll buy the same model.



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Yikes, there's another concern as well, which is static charges that could zap your gear, as you roll or move your chair about, so be careful about whether the chair mat could cause that, and also remember that vinyl flooring can also cause static charge buildup (as I learned when I moved into my new house last November, but now the problem has gone away as things have "settled").


I used to have a mat at work but it made it too hard to adjust the chair, so I switched chairs for one that had more "resistant" wheels.


Bamboo is an interesting idea; I had a small one for the kitchen sink in the last house but it eventually wore out and the store (Kohl's) stopped selling them.

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I've been using the clear plastic mats and yes they crack and become useless crap over time. I find them at thrift stores here and there, new ones seem overly expensive for the low quality.

The bamboo sounds interesting, I was considering checking a flooring store for vinyl remnants as another option.

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