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Racking Moogs

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Ive been dipping my foot in the "modular" world over the last couple year or so, and collected a DFAM and a Mother 32. I racked them together, but I recently bought a SubHarmonicon, which I'm still wrapping my head around. I bought the triple rack kit, but I'm debating actually breaking the double rack back down. On the one hand, all racked together keeps it tidy (but why no p.s. management?!), and easy to wire together, but obviously having them separate allows you to be a bit more....flexible. Anybody using this stuff, and have you racked it?
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I standardized on 19" racks. I've got so much other electronic gear that's 19" it would drive me crazy to have some other standard in the house. Of course, that meant that I had to get a bunch of Euro/19" adapters, but it's worked out for me. I used 80/20 bars (see www.8020.net for more info) to build a sorta steampunk-ish rack with two 19" bays side-by-side--if I recall correctly, I set it up with 14U per side--that also supports the MIDI keyboard that I (re)built from the dead Kurzweil K2500. For the time being my mixer is in there too, but if I get more electronics it'll have to find somewhere else to live. The synth stuff is a mix of Eurorack and things that are already 19", like a Moog Voyager RME, plus utility do-dads such as a tuner, a MIDI controller, power distribution, etc.



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