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Yamahas best Digital Stage Piano at work

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It was announced as such at the time, and I suppose it still is, There's a lot of work needed to make it sound like a "neutral" instrument, though. So here's a little jam I did with 10 sounds I made with the same global effects settings, all non-layered sounds. The sample reproduction improvement should be clear: all these sounds were recorded on the USB stick plugged into the CP4, and were edited in the (one take) video unchanged, I even let the volume unchanged, so only YT's playback compression will create some sound degradation (Use 1080p50 quality):




(sounds NOT available for download, unfortuntately)


Theo V.

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To me, and that's having checked out the YT against the original sound on moderate levels on my medium sized powered monitors, the difference with anything out there is enough to make the point I'm making.


Making this isn't complicated, though re-coding the video the way I dealt with the cam splitting it up in 10 min pieces took long, and tediously putting the 10 audio tracks from the in CP4 USB recordingsin sync with the video isn't my idea of fun. I had counted on simply putting the Sony cam and the Yamaha recording on simultaneously, but the CP doesn't allow Performance Change while recording...


I could make a Usb Midi recording of me playing, which would require me to start on of the Windows machines in windows mode and using Cubase for instance, and then play that back. Or maybe even play it back twice, so that there is no recording less accurate than the other. What would I compare it with, though, only a few sounds coud be compared with preset performances, or I'd have to change the comparable presets' insert effects to the ones I tuned for my performance settings. Some sounds are just a program I fit in the Performance straight jacket I fabricated followed by the montage of a single insert for fun. All of which follows repeatable rules to keep the signal path acting straight.



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I'm kinda digging on the initial piano improv. I hear your stuff via mp3 played thru the crap-like computer speakers, so sonic subtleties are just not apparent to me. But keyboard skills are apparent regardless of sound quality.

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