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RIP Neil Peart

Dave Bryce

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Such a sad way to go. I hope he was cognizant of his loved ones when he left his drum seat for the last time on Tuesday. A kind soul, and the world of drumming would not be the same without him.

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This one stung. Rush is the band that I've seen live more times than any other in my life. Why? Neil Peart. Power, finesse, and a time-keeping machine with a musicality that is instantly identifiable... and he wrote most of the band's lyrics to boot.


Rush is one of those iconic bands that can never be the same without any one of their members as they are all equal ingredients to their sound and success, so this is not only the end of a drum legend, but of a legendary band. RIP, Neil. You, and Rush will be missed.

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Somehow I missed this. I knew that Rush stopped playing because of his health but in the interview I saw with the other members they never said he was sick, they only stated that in a 3 piece band the drummer has to work a lot harder than the other members and it was wearing him out. Looking back I am guessing they were very carefully covering for him without giving any pertinent information.

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