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Now can the Kurz do peppy stuff ?!?

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After the Africa example, of which I'm making a video pushing it through the studio processing I"ve made, there's been some corrections, and yeah, now it can, in all reasonableness. Now, I know I'm at times too Hendrix (Jimi, for the really unsavvy newcomers) minded, but at times I guess that's all right, so here's a song I jammed together (including copying the song parameters and adapting them, playing the tracks with an external controller and recording them during song playback) in about an hour:


afterafriqtest1.mp3 stereo mp3 float, 320kb/s 1min2s, 2.4 MB, about -3dBr Max, but wide range and loud


I played the song with the jammed tracks featuring the (algorithmically, so all the same) adapted PC3 ROM sounds through the global AUX2 and global effects correction chains, put the output of the Kurzweil on the mixer/Usb audio interface, added a (analogue mixed in) amount of standard program 1 (fully no changes) Lexicon MX400, recorded with some standard effects on my Linux server (only a single digital pole low pass filter at 30 kHz, a noise gate, and a lookahead limiter (didn't kick in) running the mixers Usb interface at 96kHz. After that straight to the ffmpeg mp3 recorder, no processing no software effects or instruments, and no editing.


So, that's a lot better to play with and now the warmth and power of the instruments I like to work with can be enhanced, and hopefully the peppiness, which has been popular in mixes all over the globe, will be replaced by more pleasant Loudness pre-corrected instruments, as I like it!


Anyhow, I can be persuaded to share this song's instruments, if some of you are interested, it's been a lot of work to get this far, but I rather see more people happy with sounds that can make actual music sound ok, and better.


Theo V.

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