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Mellotron quartet

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Looks interesting, however I'd rather see them strictly using real Mellotrons versus the new digital versions. And I don't quite get the description of "electro-mechanical plastic instrument." I owned two original Mellotrons and while there was a little plastic here and there, like the knobs, it was mostly wood and metal. But still it's a cool idea. It would be even better if they had one of the very first double manual Mellotons so they could use the rhythm tracks.

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The rhythm tracks are present on the second sound bank of Resch's instruments and an add-on M-Tron set, but I think it takes a brave soul to use them as anything but a bit of cheese. I've effected a few and gotten fun results from that. You're the boss as a previous real Mellotron owner, but considering the upkeep and the uphill climb of changing patches (heh), I'm pleased to see them using the digitals. Its not like I can't still hear the grain of the thing! Sure beats "We were going to play some 'tron, but the bouquet you see is not flowers; its the tape rack snarled into modern art." I liked what I heard and I'd buy that album on the spot. Brave souls.

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