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Vibanet preamp

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Anybody here besides Redkey have a vibanet preamp installed? Im looking specifically to cut down (eliminate) noise from stacking anything on the clav. Redkey has had excellent results and can stack a Stage Compact or Mojo on top of his clavinet. The VV guys say "nope, that's not due to our preamp, our preamp doesn't have any affect or address that problem. It's positioning."


My clav is relatively quiet. there is a small amount of hiss when it's cranked up, but it really is small. If I could stack my stage on top of my Clav without getting transformer noise, I wouldn't change the preamp actually.


Can anyone else attest to their results in this regard?

Thanks amundo!

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Took my E7 to VV and had Adam install it almost 4 years ago. I have my Prophet '08 stacked on top along with a few effect pedals. I don't have any transformer noise. They typically have a Black Friday sale, that's when I bought mine in 2015. Well worth changing the 40 year old electronics, plus it will give you all the pick up options you don't have on your C. I find the EQ really useful also.

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