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I was gonna video record my big Linux DSP setup

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but, I ended up testing the latest Kurzweil setup (actually program mode now) I made.


Most likely tomorrow I'll deliver on the promise I made to simply video demo my 3-phase Linux processing setup with the large amount of DSP effects to improve on sampling (sample reproduction) and acoustic preparation, but today I tested some of the stuff I was going to use.


Here's a sound demo which uses PC3 sounds and voice from 2 AT2020's making clear what difference in sound it makes to prepare the recorded tracks with the analog mixer, add some (room) Lexicon (for testing, too), record 4 PC3 tracks with epiao, drum bass and strings followed by a single singing voice (me), pass the mix with some settings adjusted (but not accurately) to the 2d and 3d phase of sample reconstruction and acoustics preparation processing (still not relative timiing corrected because I spend so many hours making the setups already and adding timing of hundreds of racks is teduous):


stilc_test.mp3 44.1 kSsamples/sec stereo flloat mp3 320 kilobit/sec , 2 min 4 sec

Now this is a redo "cover" version of a short version "still crazy after all these years", which I hope will not make it to more than a fair use number of donwloads as a sound example.


Clearly, I didn't filter out the monitoring of the previously recorded tracks when doing voice, and there's no attention to the accuracy of the rhythm track because I didn't care to do more than test a lot of stuff..


As a bonus for you guys who might want to try out a cool Kurzweil sound, here's the electric piano I used, It's based on the Duke ROM piano IIRC, with some categoric changes to the sound and it's built in reverb effects, and it adds the special sauce that makes it a lot better as AX2 effect. Now, this (for the first time) can be used in program mode,but you must make sure to set the midi mix to normal (max I think) settings, let all effects in AUX 1 and AUX2 exactly as this sound makes them (so all overrides off) AND load in the master effect section (for the latest PC3 OS upgrade) from this file as well:


epianowitheffectsandmaster.pc3 Program, insert/aux1/aux2 effects, master effects (I hope, anyway I seem to recall the PC3 allows the reading of that all from a single file and linking the elements together somehow)


Should be an interesting real sound to play with, even though there's clearly some sound tuning to be done, and the distortion is uneven.


Theo V


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