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Kontakt and sample tank 3


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I am using fl studio 20.5 with my PC. I have loaded sample tank 3 and the Miroslav 2 orchestra that comes with IK multimedia complete studio pack. the plug- in crashes. I don't mean eventually but crashes immediately. I hit my sustain pedal and the program crashes. the lower octave on my keyboard when played, comes out distorted. I am using my Yamaha modx hooked up to my computer. my other plug-ins, arturia 7 or vb3-2 works perfectly. I have my computer guy loading these plug-ins who knows his stuff. I,m paying him $100.00 each time he has loaded the program after talking to Sweetwater techs and other help. 3 times already. any suggestions. I am hoping to get some refund from Sweetwater and apply it to purchasing NI Komplete 12, the one selling for $599.00 any opinion or problems loading 12 and just wondering how long does it take to completely loading 12 into my computer. any help will be greatly appreciated...â¦.thanx â¦..Larry
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Did you contact IK Multimedia for tech help?


I got SampleTank 3 full version when they were selling it for $99 in preparation for the release of SampleTank 4.

It crashed used as a plugin too. I'm using Waveform 10 on a Mac FWIW.

I googled it and it was a problem.


When IK offered SampleTank 4 light version for $70 and I had some of their "Jam Points" to kick in, I got it and loaded all the SampleTank 3 sounds into it.

Things are much better now. The light version of 4 is the same basic software with fewer sample sounds and much better features.


Maybe IK will cut you a deal on 4 or something, you never know unless you talk to them.


I have light verson of Komplete too and quite a few other NI products, overall I've been happy with them.


I will add that I no longer use Safari to download software, the same software downloaded with Firefox seems to work better. I have no explanation for this.


Good luck!!!!

It took a chunk of my life to get here and I am still not sure where "here" is.
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