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60 cycle hum ???

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I have a old Cambridge Sound Works Microworks for my laptop computer. I had to buy a new cable to connect computer to Microworks after stereo cable with volume stopped working. Everything is connected to same power strip.


When I use computer there is no hum but when I close laptop and it goes into standby, I get a 60 cycle hum. I don't remember this happening when I used original cable. Anyone know how I can fix this problem without having to turn off Microworks amp each time? New OEM cables are overpriced.

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This won't hurt and may help.

Try switching to different plugs.

If other things are plugged into the same ciruit (could be other plugs in the same room), try unplugging them or plugging into different places.

Try turning lights and/or other things on/off.


I have one light switch in my kitchen that makes my guitar amps hum.

So I don't use them both at once.


Trial and error, good luck!!!!!


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