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RIP Ginger Baker

David Bryce

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My father was a jazz drummer, and a damn good one. He had disdain for most rock drummers - except when I turned him on to Ginger Baker. Dad thought he was amazingly innovative, musical, and precise, and I couldn't agree more. Even though I'm not a drummer, he was a huge influence on me for other instruments, and well as for "assembling" drum parts from acoustic drum loops and electronic drums. His reliance on toms, and super-sparing use of cymbals, was part of his signature sound.


Listening to him also taught me a lot about bass. That may not make sense to most people, but when you listen to how he played the toms...


I never got to meet him, only Jack Bruce. Maybe that's just as well; he had a reputation of being pretty volatile. Maybe it's best just to remember his incredible drumming skills. Wasn't anyone like him at the time, and hasn't been anyone like him since.

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