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2019, 2020 MacBook Pro Due For Intel 10nm Upgrades

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2019, 2020 MacBook Pro Due For Intel 10nm Upgrades As Computex Nears


Future MacBooks will likely move to Intels upcoming 10-nanometer technology, bringing a big boost in graphics performance and power savings.


While the exact timing is unknown, a 13-inch-class MacBook based on Intels first 10nm processors, codenamed Ice Lake, should arrive in the second half of 2019 or the earlier part of 2020.


That would follow past Apple practices of incorporating Intels newest processor and graphics technology into its MacBook Pros. This should also happen with future versions of the redesigned 2018 MacBook Air.


Well know more about the 10nm Intel processors* later this month when the chipmaker is slated to disclose more details at the Computex trade show...







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It doesn't seem far off that Macs will move to a chip that Apple develops themselves. Intel has often been the holdup for Mac upgrades, and I'm sure Apple is tired of it.

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How about a 16 macbook pro with turnable touchscreen?


Untill that time, i will stick to my 2018 mac mini, turned into an all in one with an 18 touchscreen and 2 external drives.. we made a custom box for that... wireless keyboard and touchpad....


Its kind of mainstage in a box..

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Yeah, kinda crazy that the MacBooks are NOT touchscreen. I would guess so they're not competing with iPads, but what the heck, a touchscreen on a laptop is the only way I'd fly now that i've seen how great they are.


THAT would be a significant change/upgrade!

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Philosophically Im guessing its because OSX and OSX apps with a touchscreen dont meet Apples standards for a user interface experience. However, Apple has been making it easier for devs to bring iOS apps to OSX, so Id imagine sooner or later a touch screen Mac will arrive. I think itd be great for MainStage. Not so much for editing in Logic.

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There is an app named Duet - has an IOS part, and a Mac or PC part that allows using the iPad as a second screen, with touch functionality on the Mac.

I've used it with a PC. When I installed on the MBP (just a little after High Sierra came out), it crashed the OS and I had to reinstall. Probably has been fixed since then, they do have later versions now; but I haven't put it back on yet.

Can also be used with a Mini as the only screen, IIRC. It really functions kind of like a touchpad.

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