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"Live Internet Help Desk" - Funny Video

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Damn long download for a dial-up connection but worth it! Especially for those of us that have had to deal with computer newbies professionally. This is part of the reason I retired early...the "newby idiots" were the ones in charge of selecting the software we had to deploy and support. Who would do such a thing? Well, unfortunately most anybody but in my particular case, it was our Uncle Sam.



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A friend of mine over in Germany handles Alesis support over there, and set up my Ion seminar in Cologne. We were hanging out and he said "You have to see this video" and he sent me the URL when I got back. And of course, I had to share!
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Originally posted by big K:

Mr anderton - Where do you guys find this stuff. :)

The heaven of daily link dumps: http://www.zfilter.com

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