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Casio's First Microtonal Keyboard

Tom Williams

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While looking for a simpler/cheaper alternative to my beloved PX-5S (for a friend who just wants to play and not program), I came across this gem on the Casio web site. As of this writing, the Casio CGP-700 web site has this illustration:


I was surprised by the E at the lower end of the keyboard, as I had thought it would be an 88 key piano.


Then I noticed this:


Obviously, designed for fans of Wendy Carlos's 19 note per octave scale.

-Tom Williams

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I gave up drinking when the piano keyboard began to look like that. How many octaves am I holding up? Wrong! No one likes it when you play in the key of H. :facepalm:

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I was thinking Photoshop, too, except there's more than one picture that way and they don't show any obvious signs of having been edited.


My "Crazy Old Man Theory"©®TM is that someone took apart the keyboard and reassembled the key assembly that way, either deliberately or accidentally.

Michael Rideout
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Pretty soon even the mom, dad, and little girl shown smiling at their shiny new keyboard and lightly touching it with one of their fingers will probably be 3D-modeled, too-- or maybe just robots:




(Not to pick on Roland at all; it's just that I saw that picture the other night and was amused by the way the dad has his hand on the keyboard. I think every keyboard manufacturer in the world has these sorts of photos on their web sites!)

Michael Rideout
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