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David K. Mathews (Santana) Touring Rig


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Chopped Hammond at 3:00, at 1:18:30 (great), 1:32:04

Yamaha CP5 piano featured at 23:45, at 47:30, at 57:35

Yamaha Motif



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The CP5 sounds good coming through the huge sound system, and recorded. I don't hear any "not cutting through" issues there. ;)


David sounds good on those two hand Montuno vamps and solos. Isn't that McLaughlin at 56:13 ?


Someone commented that this was from 2015, not '18. That makes more sense because I thought I read a FB post awhile back from DM saying he was using a CP4.

My friend Keith Saunders was looking for a keyboard replacement and a few of us chimed in about the CP4.

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Someone commented that this was from 2015, not '18.

Dave, you are correct, 1:42.19 reveals that this was filmed in 2015.


I went to Santana's 2013 and 2017 Adelaide concerts, Mathews played in both. Unfortunately I was a little too far away from the action to confirm what DP he was using in 2017. What he did use sounded crystal clear in the outdoor FOH mix.


I like the way he sets up his rig in that "L" so he's pointing obliquely back across the stage towards the band, but also towards the audience.

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I seen Carlos at the House of Blues in Vegas a few years back. Great show. After the show Dave, Benny Rietveld (bass) and Ray Greene (vocals) come out and hung with us for a while at the bar. Nice guys!!!!
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David is one of my favorite players.


I saw him in a parking lot with Chris Cain in Mt. Angel Oregon ( population 1000 ) and the guy laid down the history of jazz piano in a 3 minute solo. He went from Ragtime to Cecil Taylor and just about everything in between. Brilliant.


During that time he was using a Roland FP4 and an Electro 2 for organ. The piano sounded so good that it made me take a serious look at Roland of that period. John Cleary was also getting some good results from a Roland RD700GX during about the same time - during the earlier part of the decade I suppose.


I am hoping Carlos gives him the space he deserves.I know Carlos had a few people in there after Chester Thompson left. David is up to doing whatever that gig would require I'm sure.

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He's OK. I didn't care for his takes on stock solos. Not his fault when things are so Iconic. It doesn't mean he was a bad player but last summer the mix was bad when I saw him.

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