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RIP Roy Clark


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My grandfather watched Hee Haw religiously and that was my introduction to Roy Clark. I saw him during that period playing "Caravan" on another variety show and I had a holy crap moment. It was clear there was more to him than pickin' and grinnin'. We were fortunate enough to see him in 2010 in Nashville. His show by then was more of a review, but he still had the magic. A true gentleman. Godspeed, Roy.




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My dad used to run two 8-tracks a lot in the car on drives. One was like Roy Clark's Greatest Hits and the other was a live album. Dad loved that Dueling Banjos tune even though it wasn't (dueling banjos, at least one was a guitar).


That stuff is probably part of my musical DNA in there somewhere. I remember liking a couple of the tunes. I thin Rocky Top might have been one of them, but I haven't heard it since then.

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Cat started as a teen, took some time off to try pro boxing :freak: before switching back to music.

BTW, if you've only heard some of his skilled-but-corny TV comic shtick [the Victor Borge of the guitar ?] chk out vids 2, 6, & 8 below!

Can you say, "jazzerific" ?


[1] Joined Grandpa Jones's band in late 1940s.

They mighta sounded something like this.



[2] Next he joined COUNTRY STYLE, a Washington-regional program.[disclaimer this is from a later era but dig the jazziness !]



[3] Following stint's w/George Hamilton IV & country-rockin' firecracker Wanda Jackson. This might be RC.



[4] This is the oldest verifiable Clark track I could find on YT.

1958 single / you can almost recognise his vox



[5] Here's his 1st Top 10 hit



[6] We now enter what we'll call The Roy Clark You Never Knew Land

Not sure who played the slide gtr but his nuanced vox are simply terrific.



[7] Here's a track you might not associate w/RC but chk it out & prepare to be surprised---the line starting at 1:23 is simply stunning but the track's full of them !



[8] Here's another track that may surprise.

Just a buncha cats passin' the plate. :rawk:

Dig 3:05 ~> when Roy hits some Lowell George playing above the fretboard territory ! :cool:



[9] So now maybe something like this is happening.




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My main exposure to Roy was on Hee Haw, as a ten year old kid 4-5 years into piano lessons. I recall being in admiration of his playing, and looking back, it was probably my first exposure to someone with serious chops.


Around that time I was also listening to a lot of Johnny Cash, and got a kick out of Roy playing Folsom Prison Blues when he sang, Theyre probably smoking coffee, and drinking big cigars.


RIP Roy.

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."

- George Bernard Shaw


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