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Lenovo Y530/ 730 or Dell Alienware for music?


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Hello, I was wondering if anyone was using either of these computers for music. I currently have a 5 year old Lenovo G500s I like a lot- 8gb ram but once I add a lot of layers and effects I have some slowdown.


I was considering a machine with 16gb, a 7200 rpm drive and ssd drive. Can anyone recommend one or is anyone using the machines I mentioned above? Thanks!

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Before you spend Alienware kind of money, check out CyberpowerPC and Ibuypower. They'll build you a custom laptop with top shelf components and probably save you a couple of hundred bucks. You just need to research the components to get the right balance of cost/performance. The Lenovos are going to be full of bloatware and my wife's Yoga isn't as nice as it should've been for the money. A custom laptop will be a clean OS installation and will absolutely fly. An i7-6 core with 16gb should be fine for just about anything you want to do.




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