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Jupiter 80 �just� for the patches? $$$$!


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Im playing one of this great gear in some friends house for 10 days now and will fit perfectly in my new recordings. Unfortunately, hes moving out and I wont have the chance to use his gear

I wont buy the board just for the patches and combos, so Im trying to find some libraries that could easy my work to emulate (I have all majority of Vintage VSTs but to get the same sounds would be a hard work).

Maybe some good samaritan have this in kontakt format to sale, or even some company have already prepared it?




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Jupiter 80 sounds are only in Jupiter 80 and (with fewer simultaneous parts) Jupiter 50 and (with different effects structure) the Integra-7 module. Even if someone sampled some of them, they would not be the same in a variety of ways, especially since all the Supernatural Acoustic tones incorporate behavior modeling.

Maybe this is the best place for a shameless plug! Our now not-so-new new video at https://youtu.be/3ZRC3b4p4EI is a 40 minute adaptation of T. S. Eliot's "Prufrock" - check it out! And hopefully I'll have something new here this year. ;-)

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Get an Integra-7 module for the recordings.

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