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Blast of hum when plugging in old organ


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I have an Ace Tone Top-7 organ. The volume pot didn't work when I bought it, so I had it repaired. They said they checked all the connections. I checked it when it got back and it seemed fine. Several months pass, and I didn't use the organ. When I plugged it into my Apollo Twin one evening, there was an extremely loud shorting-out sound that I thought would kill my monitors or the Duo. It was brief, but now I don't really trust the situation. I don't have an amp to use to attempt to recreate the problem.


Should I risk plugging it into the Apollo again and wiggle cables?

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This is almost a continuation of the recent DI thread. If your Ace Tone (egad, I remember those) was on a different electrical circuit from the amp, that might account for the hum. Given the age of the Ace Tone, I assume it is only a two-wire power cord.


If your amp can take an XLR (like a mixer) input, you might consider a direct box with a ground lift feature.

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Plug the cable into the organ first, then the amp. Either that, plug the cable into both ends BEFORE turning on the amp.



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I wouldn't think this is possible if the volume is turned all the way down on the amp when plugging in.


I always do this with any amplifier/speakers I own to prevent the possibility of this occurring.

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