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OT: Online videos


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Why is it that watching an embedded video on many websites is often a sluggish experience? Watching the little spinning circle, stops and starts, even on local news websites... it's ridiculous.


YouTube videos normally load up right away and off you go. What's the problem with everyone else?




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While it is more complex that this, the primary reason is the weakest link in the chain. If you are connected to your ISP and they are directly connected to a YouTube server, the video will play decently. If you are connected to your ISP, who is connected to a 3rd party site, who is connected to their ISP who is connected to the YouTube server, you are at the mercy of the slowest link in the chain. As I said, there are more technical things (cable use, advertising, etc.) associated with this, but that is probably the most likely reason for the difference.



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I find that especially click-bait and news sites are slow because of all the ads. Many sites are poorly designed to begin with and then add in all the ad content - it all eats up bandwidth. On YouTube, you're just loading the video. On other sites you're loading the video and 1000 ads, some of which are videos themselves, not to mention collecting all of your personal data so that the next time you visit a different site, they can target you with the precise variety of pornography you prefer.



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