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Stereoping Controller for vintage synths - review


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The Stereoping Controller makes sound design on the Matrix 1000 (with OS 1.20 chip) a great deal of fun. The Oberheim Matrix 1000 now feels just like a modern analogsynth with the added bonus that it is pure Oberheim Sound ... just Oberheim Sound.... just Oberheim Sound ;-) Makes me smile each time I am using it. So much that I bought another Stereoping Controller for my old Roland JX8P. The Stereoping is cheaper and more versatile than overpriced used PG800 programmers.


On top of synth programming this little Stereoping box also translates external Midi CCs into the required Sysex data of the respective synth. On that score it works pretty much like a Midisolutions Event Processor. It allows to remotely control the Matrix and the JX8P from a DAW or from a master keyboard via Midi CC. This way parameter sweeps can easily be recorded in the DAW. Stereoping editions are available for quite a few old synth treasures such as Korg DW8000, Yamaha TX-81Z, Microwave, Alpha Juno, Roland MKS80, Waldorf Pulse etc. If you own one of the synths Stereoping is offering an edition for, you should take a closer look at these little controllers. My two new Stereoping controllers really have breathed a totally new, previously unimagined life into my two old and long unused synths.




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