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Any Yamaha C3X grand piano owners/players here?


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As a tuner/technician for the East Bay/Sacramento area I have several clients with this model. It is a huge departure from what I came to know as a Yamaha C-3 from the last thirty five years of my personal experience with that model. I would love to own a C3X someday.




Voicing is critical with this instrument (as with all pianos)in order to elevate it to a whole new level of musical expression and control.




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It depends on the experience and expertise of the technician doing the voicing. First the regulation must be done or the piano must be in good regulation. Then a good fine-tuning must be performed.


An understanding of how a hammer compresses once it mates with the string and transfers its energy creating excursion of the string is critical. There is more to tone then just bright and soft. A good voicing allows for a roomy pianissimo and an authoritative fortissimo to exist in the same hammer.






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OK, going to wade in way over my head. Putting on the flame-resistant suit.


A few years back, I went on a journey of finding the ultimate acoustic grand piano. Technical specs matters, as did room aesthetics.


There is absolutely no dissing the C3X. A completely impressive instrument: design, execution, value, resale, etc. My take is that if it speaks to you, ain't no going wrong with one of these babies.


But it didn't speak to me. A bit too sterile and antiseptic. I wanted warmth, color, voice, etc. Hey, just me.


I found myself drawn to the great Europeans.


And ended up with a killer Bosie. Inch for inch, the Bosies are one of the most expensive pianos on the planet. Hey, whatever.


Spent a bunch more, no regrets.

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I know quite a few very fine , top notch jazz pianists and accompanists of varying musical genres that own a C3.


I've played them in recording studios where the piano has been well taken care of. They've sounded great recorded and been fun to play on.


The CX3 is a more refined, rounder and darker sound. I've only played the 6' briefly but was impressed and could hear a dramatic difference (for the better) over the older C series.


Just going a tad OT- I love the handmade CF6 ! After a good NY Steinway B, I would choose the Yamaha if we're talking 7' pianos.


Back to the 6' piano- I can't imagine being disappointed with a CX3, especially if it's new or a year or so old.. Again like Alex said - you really need to find a highly skilled tuner/tech that is well versed in these instruments to bring out the best in them.

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