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Do release schedules affect piracy?

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I'm sitting here waiting patiently for April 6th, so I can go out and get the The Matrix Revolutions DVD.

What's interesting is that everybody I mention this to just laughs and asks if I wanna borrow their copy. Yeah...most people I know already have a copy or know someone who does.

So, everybody here should be familiar with the industry practice of manipulating release dates to try and build hype and demand prior to release.

Earache Records was doing a lot of this a couple of years ago...they would give a date for release of a title, but would keep pushing it back.

It got to the point that I was just buying the European releases because I'd get tired of waiting for a domestic release of something that was already available overseas.


Is this marketing game backfiring on the movie/music industry?

People aren't very patient these days.


It seems that big waits and long ad campaigns to build hype and demand, coupled with high prices once released could be a factor in piracy.


Just a thought.


No Matrix spoilers, please. I haven't seen the final installment, yet.


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I don't know... the first thing that came to my mind while reading your post was the "vaporware" issues that come up from time to time in our industry. Does it tick you off when a company announces a new product and then doesn't ship it for a year or two - or, in the case of one infamous TEC award winning console, NEVER release it?


IOW, yeah, I think those sorts of marketing games could easily backfire if the timing isn't EXPERTLY played. But I'm not a marketing weasel.... Jeff would be the person to ask. :)

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