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Virtual space to jam online


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Long time ago I used Kompoz to offer and share online collaborations for musical projects.

The system is off line collaboration downloading tracks, playing and recording and then uploading the parts. The author of the song takes the various parts and mix them down.

I see that today, with the fast connections, you can make on line jam.

Does anyone have experience on this? Which is the best platform?

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If your talking about playing with people live in real time i think latency is still abig issue. Maybe some day soon it wont be. If your talking about swapping mp3s to co songwrite, anything like dropbox would work. Just start an account and make a folder public.


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Rule of thumb I seem to remember: 1 msec of latency = 100 miles each way, and that's with a near-perfect network.


At 5msec, it starts to throw my timing off. At 10msec, I'm a mess. And that's before you start adding in processing latency at each end.


That's not going to change anytime soon, unless someone figures out how to build a network that uses quantum entanglement vs. electrons and photons.


Bottom line, unless all the participants are separated by modest distances (e.g. a hundred or so miles), I think it'd be tough to pull off. A regional model could work, though.


Great use case: a gigging band where the regular drive to rehearsal can be avoided.


Here's a handy calculator http://wintelguy.com/wanlat.html

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BandHub is the only thing that comes to mind. Latency is fine... with a Macbook. Haven't tried it on an iOS platform, but with a PC, it is absolutely impossible to correct the 1-second latency issue. Oh, and it only works with Chrome as your browser. There is a free account option, and a paid account option. Obviously, the paid account will unlock more advanced features, such as being able to add effects, and panning, which they classify as an "effect".


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