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A couple of YTs about my studio mixing setup

Theo Verelst

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For people with interest, of various kinds I suppose.


It's like, it's a setup that includes all the processing sub-blocks I've found useful when let's say "post-processing" good commercial recordings, and that process does converge to some sets of settings that work for certain albums. Even it gets lousy CDs to sound acceptable. But it has gotten complicated, and that's hard to sum up, over 400 connections at the very least hundreds of (Linux) "plugins", running 3 I7 machines to about 60 degrees C with 14 channels of 96kJz/32bit float audio data running back and forth over the network.


So I'll make an internet presentation with clickable signal graph and plugin controls for the tech freaks, and a nice summary of some of the workings of the whole idea, but for the moment, there are these youtubes, recorded with a phone, like I said for those people with an interest:










There's keyboard sound in there that is hard to make otherwise, but like I said in the videos, there's nothing particularly tuned between the keyboard patches (in fact the CP4) and the processing steps.



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OT to your post, but welcome back, Theo.


I was Google searching something or other last night, and one of the top hits ended up being one of your diary blog pages back from 2000. It got me to thinking about your recent prolonged absence from KC.

Nord Stage 2 Compact, Yamaha MODX8

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Here's arecording from the Free and Open Source synthesizer program Yoshimi (based subsynthaddfx or something), fed through 2/3s of the chains above:


synthyoshimi_allrec1.mp3 44.1kHz stereo mp3 digitally recorded and downsampled from 96k/32b(float), 256 kb/s (21mByte, 11min 27s)


The sound banks contain sounds that clearly do not play nice with the sound elements I try to fix through normal DACs and make human listening suitable, but others come out quite nice, almost as if someone planned it.


I personally believe in the freedom of speech about interesting subjects like these, and for real die hards: all this sound software is Free and Open Source, just like I will publish all the parameter settings I've used for certain examples as well as the jack-rack and so loadable files.


The recording is just Yoshimi and the the chain with a lot of complicated digital wobbles, trips, partial equalization and summed up average comparisons and anti-limiting signals, as well as a setup with analog signals (like I described only a bit so far above) including a Lexicon MX400 in surround mode. That's based on that the setup gives results with all the music sources of name and fame that I use it with. It's not logical that a random synth program works, too, but for a partit is. SO I now must decide on which parameters and partial signal paths must be inverted or changed in direction sense, so that I will have made a signal *prepared* for the chain, like all the A grade music I've tried with it seems to be. Well, with this chain I haven't tried all my 5000 CD/Bluray/HDTracks tracks yet, but the ones I did sound amazing.



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