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legal advice setting up an odd sharing agreement


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Hey guys.

I've got a situation I'm hoping someone experienced in this can shed some light on. I need to set up a paper agreement. It's a combination of "licensing" and "shared copyright" agreement with another person.


(p) = copyright of the recording

© = copyright of the music notes/arrangement


It concerns a music compilation. They are all original songs. The collaboration is internationally.


Both me and the other guy are living in different countries, so using a P.R.O. for this is going to be a hassle.


Song 1,2,3,4,5,6 I created on my own and own (p) + ©. Nothing shared. I want to license those songs to the other person so he can put it on a medium and distribute it for non-profit. He should only be allowed to use it in that single non-profit project (not more) and not be allowed to sell the music in any other way.


Song 7+8 me and the other person have created together. We agree that those 2 songs each of us can use without limitations, so that both of us own all of © and (p) together. This so that we can both do whatever we want with those 2 songs.


I might register the music with CDBaby's digital distribution, or I might license the music non-exclusive to a media company. (the important thing is that I keep that option). He's agreed to this that I can do that if I want. He himself might want to put those 2 songs on a commercial CD in his country as well, which I agreed to.


How can I put this into 1 piece of paper agreement for him to sign? (I'd then scan the paper and upload it to the project's registration at the copyright office, where I already have the original true credits registered and uploaded. The office says they're OK with doing such an update and they approve the idea of doing in this way, but ofcourse, I need a correct agreement with a signature of us both, scan it in and send it to them).


Any simple templates or perhaps suggestions? There's a general sense of trust so a 10 page agreement may be overkill and just create a stir between us, but it's better to have something clear and correct anyway just to both feel good about it.


Any insight is appreciated. Thanks.



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Having lawyered since 1970, my advice is to ignore all legal advice on the internet. Find a local lawyer skilled in this area to draw this document up. If it is not important enough to spend a little money on, then you should forget about it.


"Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown."
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