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Which monitors for NP3?


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Agreed studio monitors for a fixed placement situation.


If you shared your intended budget, recommendations might include that in consideration. Without real world constraints, options might run from Equator D5s or Dynaudio BM5s to the ATC SCM50ASL.



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Fair enough, my budget is less than $1,000 all up for monitors, stands, cables, etc.


I'm also thinking of a second option. I have some nice Tannoy monitors that I could potentially reposition which would open the door for better headphones for practicing and not disturbing anyone (or blocking out various ambient noise).


I'm pretty annoyed by the headphone cable as it always seems interfere with either my arm or the keyboard in some manner. I'm thinking about some wireless headphones, but I'm concerned about latency. Has anyone had good luck with wireless headphones when playing live?

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My local shop has the Montage 8 running through a pair of Yamaha HS-8s. They sound nice. Focal 65s and 80s are nice to. 80s run $550 a piece though.


If you are online ordering guy a old established shop from Milwaukee that started out as a MIDI specialty shop in the 80s might do a nice bundle deal on the Yamahas giving you the stands and cables. Everything less than $700. If you have another favorite retailer they may match the Milwaukee deal..... Maybe


My local store matches.

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