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RIP John D. Loudermilk


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Speaking of "old county" -----Singer/songwriter and really mostly songwriter, John D.Loudermilk died Wed. Sept. 21 in his home in Christiana Tenn. He was 82.




He began his singing and songwriting career when a poem of his, called "A Rose And A Baby Ruth" was recorded by country singer George Hamilton IV in 1956. He also co-wrote Hamilton's hit "Abeline".




He was also noted for writing the well known and oft covered "Tobacco Road" which was covered by more than 200 artists, including The Nashville Teens, Lou Rawls, Edgar Winter and even The Jefferson Airplane. He even released his own recording of it.




He also wrote "Cherokee Nation", recorded by Paul Revere And The Raiders and and "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye" first recorded by country singer Don Cherry in 1962 and made famous also by The Casinos in 1967. Among other known songs were "Paper Tiger" and "Sad Movies(Always Make Me Cry)" by Sue Thompson, still a couple of my long-time favorites




Personally, I became aware of Loudermilk back in 1962 when he released his own recording of his song "Language Of Love" and later, "Road Hog". I still think of those two as long-time favorites. John was known to favor playing the 12-string guitar, and WAS quite good at it. A country music songwriter's Hall Of Fame member, John wrote a few HUNDRED songs, mostly country tunes, and will be missed.




I started out with NOTHING...and I still have most of it left!
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Yeah, Eddy Arnold did a version of Then You Can Tell Me Good-bye which is a song I mentioned above by the Casinos. I don't know if Jean Shepard did any of John Loudermilk's songs but if she did, it would have to be a dyed in the wool country tune! I really think Eddy was a great country singer. Many of his songs were highly rated in the Pop world like Welcome to My World and Make the World Go Away. One of my Mom and Dad's favorite singers...



ps. I'm sorry, I just heard Arnold Palmer died yesterday...RIP Arnold. :cool:

Take care, Larryz
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A rose and a baby Ruth was the first song I ever played. I was 13 when it came out and the day after I heard it for the first time I went to the pawn shot and bought one of those girl named guitars, a Kay or Stella can't remember now, for a few bucks and been playing ever since. I don't know if I've got any better, but at least I have better guitar now.
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To my knowledge, Jean Shepard didn't record any of John's songs. John was more of a contemporary songwriter, while Jean was a real traditionalist. Here are a few of John's songs and who recorded them:



1. Turn Me On - Norah Jones

2. Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye - Bettye Swann

3. Tobacco Road - David Lee Roth

4. Turn Me On - Nina Simone

5. Tobacco Road - Eric Burdon & War

6. Road Hog (O Calhambeque) - Roberto Carlos

7. Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye - Joss Stone

8. Tobacco Road - Nashville Teens

9. Sunglasses - Tracey Ullman

10. Indian Reservation = Paul Revere & Raiders

11. Bad News - Johnny Cash

12. Abilene = George Hamilton IV

13. Ebony Eyes - Everly Brothers

14. Sad Movies - Sue Thompson

15. Tobacco Road - Jack McDuff

16. Windy and Warm = Doc (& Merle) Watson

17. Tobacco Road - Lou Rawls

18. Break My Mind - Carter Family (Johnny Cash)

19. Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye - Perry Como

20. Norman - Sue Thompson

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Welcome from me too, Jerry.


I understand LEADBELLY's famed 12-string was a Stella too.


At least, unlike me, YOUR guitar at least HAD a name of some kind! ;) But actually, my first "guitar" was an all plastic thingie made by EMENEE, the "chord organ" toy company! :D


@Doc-- As stated (somewhere) The Blues Magoos and Jefferson Airplane also did "Tobacco Road". Look in "part one" on this site ihesm.com/Loudermilk2.html and you'll find the complete list of who did the many covers.



I started out with NOTHING...and I still have most of it left!
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