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Not �more with less�, but�


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...the same with less have you ever wanted to simplify your home studio rig to have the same sound & patches capabilities with less gear (or a lean way to have them)?

My current rig consists of triton extreme, cp-33, DW-8000, K-2661, 2 roland racks (JD-990 & JV-1080), 5 external FX pedals, one laptop with omnisphere, EWQO, OP-X PRO-II and others) and I think I don`t consistently use all of them due to lack of integration and access. After watching SUMMER NAMM 2016 video of Integra with great patch integration I thought this could be achieved with my different gearor at least increase my gear integration

Anyone felt this need before? Any tips and thoughts?

Tks guys.


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