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Custom case for original Korg MS-20?


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Hey, I'm looking for a custom case for a Korg MS-20. If anyone has any suggestions for companies or places to get a case for an original Korg MS-20, please let me know. This would be for light gigging mostly, and I do not require casters.


Thank you very much.


So far, I've found this: http://www.hybridcases.com/19/ (which is apparently the same company as NY Case Company).


Swanflight In U.K. - $261.74 including shipping



Megacase.de - $306.11 including shipping



And I left a message with http://www.affordable-cases.com/

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I'm always on the lookout for something that will work for an MS-20 without costing a lot. I rarely take mine out but when I do I put it in a large soft roller luggage bag and pack some foam around it.


Not cheap but Korg makes this case bag that should fit:




SKB makes a case for it:




This SKB shipping case could work:




A lighting equipment bag such as this might work:



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It's not in your neck of the woods but talk to Joe at Space Case.

He may have done one already in the past.

I had my Forte case made there and he knew the following without too much

info other than I want wheels:

No pressure on the keys. All points for drop support are on the body.

No pressure on the controls. See above.

Cutouts to actually get the thing out that were hand sized,

and deep so you can really grab the whole thing.

Bumpers on all surfaces as needed so it would sit flat no matter what. Up, down, upside down.

Handles on both ends and the top.

Wheels that can be punished severely that don't stick out or fail.

All top hardware.

When I picked up my case they were building big cases for AV stuff for

some tour or show. It's a busy place.

Really nice guy. And a player. A very good drummer.


Joe knows proper cases.

He's in Sacramento but hey. UPS is everywhere.







You want light giging. I didn't get that far. Too much going on.

Joe makes tour cases. He deals pelican for lightweight stuff but any pelican

that boxy is going to be way too expensive.

I got an SKB ATA box that worked for that shape.

It still was about US $250 but it's a tough poly

O-ringed case. I use it to fly food and camping.

It's survived luggage monkeys and camp critters.

If it wasn't in storage I would measure it for you.

And it was pretty light empty.


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Joe sounds great. I gave him a call. Thanks. I am hoping to have something that is custom made for it if at all possible, but I will also look into getting plastic toolbox if I can keep the price way down. That might be a viable option as well.


The SKB cases cost almost the same as a custom case, so I would simply rather have a custom case if I am going to spend that much.

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